New switches

The expansion of the IT industry in many fields has resulted in the demand for increasingly powerful and reliable equipment. To meet customers' needs, in addition to used switches, we supply new equipment at attractive prices. We offer a wide range of switches of different classes. We provide enterprise-class devices for the most demanding networks, as well as switches for smaller infrastructures.

In addition to switches, we supply a range of network accessories such as inserts, patchcords, DAC cables, modules, switch power supplies and more.

We supply switches and accessories from proven brands. You can find Aruba, Cisco, HP, Mikrotik, or Dell devices with us.

Check out our offer

Check out our current range of new switches, available at this link: New Switches.

If you are looking for a specific model that is not in the “New Switches” category, you are welcome to contact us. We will be happy to prepare a personalized offer for you or help you find a suitable alternative.


To place an order, or for assistance in selecting network equipment, we encourage you to contact our specialists via email, phone contact, or chat located at the bottom of the page.


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